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Moshaik Thunderbolt

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High-quality mouthpiece made off 6 different woods and a V2A-stainless steel tube.

What's included:

• mouthpiece

• high-quality wood with stainless steel tube                  

• 6 different variations

Due to the integrated seals, the mouthpiece fits on any standard hose and seals 100%.


- The mouthpiece does neither sit too tight nor  too loose on the hose and can be easily removed for cleaning.

- The wood is sealed and can be cleaned under running water without any concerns.

You're awesome!

Great customer service! Received a wrong item and they sent me the correct one straight away and let me keep the other one. Fast processing times and delivery!

* * * * *
Alex, 2021

Excellent service. Prompt responses and very fast shipping. Recommend 5*

* * * * *
Mike, 2021

I've been waiting for ages for this sort of service. Shisha lovers will appreciate! Better prices than other companies in Cyprus!

* * * * *
Charalambos , 2021

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