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Kong Lava Killer Bowl

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Kong ICE killer hookah bowl looks like it is made of lava! However, the beautiful design is not the only virtue of this hookah bowl. It provides even heat, so the tobacco doesn’t burn and doesn’t give a bitter taste. This makes your smoking session MAX flavor and joy! And many thanks to the glazed coating of the bowl as it does not absorb odours.

Kong are clay bowls created by professional craftsmen on potter’s wheels. The chilies are handmade by the milk firing method. Through the use of technology, the structure of the material gets rid of microscopic air pockets. The result is a reduction in the ability of the coating of containers to absorb the odors.

  • Each bowl will hold approx. 18-22 gr. of tobacco
  • Has 5 holes down the bottom.
  • A perfect fit for any authentic HMD (the ridge isn’t glazed for better adhesion).
  • Sturdy and versatile bowl.
  • Each item is unique.

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Great customer service! Received a wrong item and they sent me the correct one straight away and let me keep the other one. Fast processing times and delivery!

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Alex, 2021

Excellent service. Prompt responses and very fast shipping. Recommend 5*

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Mike, 2021

I've been waiting for ages for this sort of service. Shisha lovers will appreciate! Better prices than other companies in Cyprus!

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Charalambos , 2021

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